Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Even The Truth Has Technical Difficulties

Tucker Bounds, a name better suited to a Gay S&M Porn Star™ than a political flack, popped up on the tube yesterday---and all over the InnerTubes today---for a hard grilling on MSNBC. Unfortunately, just as things were getting good:

If I might just put on my tin foil hat for a sec:

The Right Wing did it! The Right Wing controls the airwaves. The Right Wing doesn't want any hard questions asked of anybody, from Petrol Palin to Johnny McSame to Tucker "I don't even know 'er" Rebounds. The Right Wing wants us to just follow along like good little ...

{hat blows off in the wind}

Where was I? Oh yeah. See how Friar Tucker avoids answering the question. It's hilarious.

With all my love,
Aunty Em


sox05 said...


LOL. Too Funny.

I'm sure there's some righty blogger out there saying...."see how left wing the media is, they cut him off right as he was about to tell the truth."

Hey, one pont of critiscm. If I didn't know you and I stumbled on to this blog I would cruise right off because of the white letters on black background. I just hate that. Harder on the eyes I think.

Anisha said...

Really like your blog Aunty, keep up the good work.

Bounds does go on doesn't he, to bad MSNBC couldn't get further with him.

I saw a video clip of Megyn Kelly interviewing him, on no other than Faux News.........She had the tough questions, but she let the sod talk, and talk, and talk, covering all this week's memo points!

A new tactic, for Faux News? A little Fair, outweighed by the Balanced.

MLP said...

"If I didn't know you and I stumbled on to this blog I would cruise right off because of the white letters on black background. I just hate that. Harder on the eyes I think"

I agree. This is the same color scheme that the useless fuck J$ uses.
(at least that's what I've been told)

Aunty Em Ericann said...

When I created this blog that was the only colour scheme that appealed to me. However, I can see everybody's point. I am afraid if I tinker with the layout I could lose what's been posted on the blog so far.

Anyone know?

With all my love,
Aunty Em

MLP said...

Well, I heard that once you go black.......

CafeenMan said...

It was deliberate. Who made the call and why is up for grabs.

Personally, I think the media wants to keep the campaign fight pretty close because if somebody starts blowing out the other now then everybody stops watching. There goes the ad revenue.

So while the McCain campaign/GOP may have been behind it, it could have also been a management decision.

Then there's the part about the GOP owning the media so "a management" decision would apply in any case.

It was clearly a deliberate decision.

MLP said...

Hello, Aunty!
Things are decidedly brighter around here!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, much better Aunty. I wish I could get this kind of response from my government when I make suggestions to them.

The government could take a lesson from our dear Aunty!

Anonymous said...

the post above is me, sox05. I could not get my other thingy to work.

MLP said...

"I could not get my other thingy to work."

I've heard that about you, Sox.

Anonymous said...

sox05 with the broken thingy here.


Can you beleive these Chicago baseball teams this year. You guys have a damn good team this year. Excellent pitching, solid 1-8 lineup, deep bench, and decent defense. Good luck!

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