Monday, September 29, 2008

Palintologist Palin Claimed Dinosaurs And People Coexisted

The Huffington Post, channeling an article from the LA Times:
Palin told him [local music teacher and Wasilla resident Philip Munger] that "dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth at the same time," Munger said. When he asked her about prehistoric fossils and tracks dating back millions of years, Palin said "she had seen pictures of human footprints inside the tracks," recalled Munger, who teaches music at the University of Alaska in Anchorage and has regularly criticized Palin in recent years on his liberal political blog, called Progressive Alaska.
I provide more photographic proof:

And, if you're in a mood to dance, I present Was (Not Was) who will help you "Walk The Dinosaur," our next Hit Line Request Golden Oldie™ on EMtv:

With all my love,
Aunty Em


Stan Black said...

Ohhhhhhhh Palin. What has our fine country become? Evolution deniers and snake handlers? WTF...?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Em that was into the Florida S&M scene a while back? If so, we miss you! Bring back your strapon collection, we love it when you play asshammer!

Anonymous said...

sox05 here.

All of the S & M folks I know would never post anonymously. Your gonna have to show me your ID and ball gag. I call bullshit.

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