Monday, September 08, 2008

The Culture War: It's So On!!!!

As a semi-retired, card-carrying, left-leaning member of the MSM, I am delighted that McSame/Palin '08 has reignited The Culture Wars™. It has, perhaps, angered and energized me enough to re-fire this Blog to fight the Perfidious Palin & Her Less Popular Sidekick™. I'm pissed!

This ploy---blaming the media---is as old as The Republic, but one can trace its modern roots to Richard Milhous Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew*---still the only Prez/Vice Prez team to resign in disgrace. It should be noted that Agnew also fulfilled the cynical "Southern Strategy," an election ploy played by the Republicans in various guises ever since.

Spiro set the bar pretty high, but that's because he counted Pat Buchanan and William Safire among his speech writers. Those guys loved illiteration and Agnew was glib enough to deliver lines like "nattering nabobs of negativism", "pusillanimous pussyfooters", and "hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history" without a single LOL. One of his best lines, and one which echoes in this election cycle, was when he attacked "an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals."

Can anyone say "arugula"? No. Really. Can you? It's a fun word to say.

But now even Eruca sativa is a Casualty of the Culture Wars™.

While it's true that Agnew set the bar pretty high, it's been lowered each election cycle. However, after years of Rushbo Limpballs (detained for the the importation of Viagra, not his own), Loofah Lad, mAnn Coulter and Shawnie Scammity, now it's as low as a Limbo Stick, far easier to step over it than to try and go under it.

Attacking the MSM is a two-fer for the Repugs:

► Lashing out at the so-called leftist MSM as part of the Eastern Establishment™ plays right into The Reich Wing Play Book and puts the media on defense, which might stop the tough questions;

► Painting Senator Obama as elite and effete, part of that Eastern Establishment™ that the MSM is so in love with.

These memes have been swirling not-so-quietly for months. They have intesified by a factor of 1,000 since Vee Pee Pick Palin was tapped. The Media's now been told that questioning Palin is off limits and she was vetted sufficiently. After the Repug convention bashed The Media at every turn, and then cut off all inquiries afterward, The Media is now going over Palin's Past with a fine-toothed comb. The Republican Convention may have woken up a sleeping giant to do its proper job.

[JUST ANNOUNCED: One interview, with ABC News, is tentatively scheduled for later this week.]

Ironically, had the MSM done its job 8 years ago, it's possible we'd have had a different president. Had the MSM done its job 6 years ago, Americans and Iraqis would not have died in a bogus war that's sapping our treasure. Had the MSM done its job 4 years ago the Swift Boaters would have been consigned to The Dustbin of History™.

As for the unofficial vetting of Governor Pain: We'll know what we know when we know it.

Meanwhile, there's already a lot of information out in the Blogopolis, from a "bridge to nowhere" to "Troopergate" to her saddling her hometown of Wassilla, Alaska with a crushing debt.

I predicted over at the News Hounds** OT Forum that Palin will not be on the ticket come election day. I stand by that prediction.

Meanwhile, The Culture War is on and I am prepared for battle.

Bring it on!!!

With all my love,
Aunty Em
*Yeah, I know. It's The WikiWikiWee™. While I would caution not to believe everything one reads on The Wiki, it can still stand as a quick and dirty source as long as you back it up.

** If you want to know what those loons on Faux Noise are saying, but don't have the stomach for actually watching it, News Hounds is the blog for you. It dissects the lies on Faux Noise on a show-by-show basis, If you get over there, drop in to The Off Topic Forum and say "Hello."


CafeenMan said...

I think you're way too clever and intelligent to do the "Limpballs" and "mAnn Coulter" thing. Seriously, I think it really degrades your message. You have the wit to really slam anyone you want to without resorting to that stuff.

I love the way you write and like what you have to say. Leave that sort of thing to people less creative than you are.

That said, I agree with you that Palin probably won't be on the ticket by November.

The GOP accomplished exactly what they wanted to. Obama delivered one of the most powerful speeches in generations. It was so powerful that people talked about it for almost, but not quite, two whole days.

Then Palin stole the show. That was her sole purpose. Any other benefit she provides for the ticket/GOP is icing.

As easy as GOP tactics are to see through - even when they're pointed out - people continue to give the GOP exactly what it wants.

Me: "Hey Stan, did you notice how the GOP changed the subject from Obama to Palin in a blink of the eye?"

Stan: "Yes. Those neocons are Sooo obvious! Say, speaking of Palin, do you know how much she paid for those glasses??? And what about that hair."

[skip forward a couple days]

Stan: "Man, I don't understand why Obama is falling behind in the polls. It's like nobody cares how bad Palin's hair is or how much money she wasted on glasses. And I'll bet nobody knows she doesn't rotate her tires regularly."

Aunty Em Ericann said...

Thanks for your kind words and honest criticism, Mr. Man.

It's almost knee-jerk with me, a tit-for-tat (honest, I mean no pun whatsoever) reaction to the never-ending smears from The Right.

And, yes, I know that two wrongs don't make a right (again: no pun) and I am stooping to their level. Truth is I have never typed the actual names of those people, just as I always type "Faux Noise."

However, I will take your point under advisement and see if I can still bring the Funny On Wry™ with my totally Unfair & Unbalanced™ incisive political commentary.


With all my love,
Aunty Em

Solitaire said...

Woo only took 368 days for an update :D it was worth the wait :D:D

Aunty Em Ericann said...

The next update came quicker.

With all my love,
Aunty Em

Oklad said...

Nice to see you up and around again Aunty..:)

Oklad rolls up sleeves to help fight the 'Culture War.'